A Yuletide Surprise!

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.  Ever since we decided to create merchandise as a funding stream we have had countless requests for T shirts.  Up until now we haven’t had sufficient funds available to meet this requirement.  However, thanks to the popular uptake for Dark Gathering masks, we are now in a position to offer official Dark Gathering T shirts!

They are good quality Fruit of the Loom and they come in two main styles:

Unisex Heavy Cotton T Shirt in the following sizes:

Small – 35-37 inches (48.5 cm)

Medium – 38-40 inches (53.5cm)

Large – 41-43 inches (56 cm)

Extra Large – 44-46 inches (61 cm)

Women’s Valueweight V-neck T Shirt

Small – 10 (44cm)

Medium – 12 (46.5cm)

Large – 14 (49cm)

Extra Large – 16 (51.5cm)

The prices for the T shirts are £14.00 each (£10.00 plus P&P £4.00)

Also while we were at it we decided to purchase a couple of hoodies with the Dark Gathering logos on the front and back – see photos.  They are very snug and warm, and I would recommend getting a size larger than usual.

AWDis Zoodie

Small – 36 inches (51cm)

Medium – 40 inches (56cm)

Large – 44 inches (61cm)

Extra Large – 48 inches (65cm)

The price for the hoodies is £34.00 each (£30.00 plus £4.00 P&P).  Due to the higher cost, they have to be prepaid prior to ordering.

Many thanks to Charley and Stephen for modelling our T shirts.

We only have a limited number of 80 T shirts in this first delivery – that’s 10 shirts in each size of the Unisex style, and 10 in each size of the Ladies style.  We will sell them on a first come, first serve basis.

How to Order

Click on link with your order and home address.  We will then send you a Paypal request for money.  Once sent, we will dispatch your item(s) to you.  Dark Gathering Merchandise

So this Yuletide why not buy something special for your nearest and dearest – or treat yourself!

6 thoughts on “A Yuletide Surprise!

  1. The t shirts are good quality and fit wonderfully, the DG hoodies are so snug and warm, I was reluctant to take mine off! So pleased with the logo too looks fabulous. 🙂 x


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