Event Feedback

Enjoy some of the heartwarming feedback we have had from the fabulous people who have attended this event over the years and from our wonderful talented performers who work hard in making this event so spectacular.

Poster – Chris White


“When creativity comes from something real and authentic true magic happens. And everyone feels it is the Dark Gathering.” J.T


“The Dark Gathering puts a black velvet cloak around your bodies and souls. ..protecting and nurturing.
Thank you Laetitia & Cassandra for all you both do.” J.E


“A huge thank you for this event, we love it and love coming down for the week. We always do at least one week a year in Cornwall and this has now become our annual get away and recharge with lovely people.” K.R


I (Laetitia) began a ‘countdown’ to the new year from the 1st December to 1st January on our All Hallows Dark Gathering Facebook group. Each day I posted a photograph of a performer with a little information about them showing our appreciation for their contribution to the event. Today (2nd January) I was delighted to discover that Cassandra had written the following post :  “Before we get any further into the year I want to put a shout out about Laetitia Latham Jones. In case there is anyone who doesn’t realise this, she was the one who had the original idea of the Welsh Mari Lwyds meeting the Cornish Oss, Penkevyll at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. We now have this amazing annual Dark Gathering following that initial inspired idea. Tia has not only supported me in my role as Event Organiser over the years but has continued to create brilliant ideas which we have incorporated. We have her to thank for researching and discovering the wonderful Ancestor Chant, and now just recently she has applied her time and energies into the personal bios/reviews of a few recognisable characters from the Dark Gathering. Also let us not forget her wonderful performances as Penkevyll’s Teazer – the Art of which she is now teaching to her two apprentices. I would like to publicly thank her for her dedication and hard work behind the scenes to help maintain the Dark Gathering. May it go from strength to strength! 👏👏👏😃” 


” Merry Christmas to you. Bright blessings. Thank you for the wonderful pictures that bring back so many memories of a fabulous day. So looking forward to next year. In my humble opinion Dark Hallows rivals Christmas! As a festival. Xxx” J.A

“That was sooooo great, we so enjoyed the dark gathering and watching the videos back just brings joy to our hearts. All booked for next year…waiting very impatiently” J.

“Brilliant I had the time of my life, we live in Swanage Dorset so all being well we’ll see you next year.” M

“I have been there is spirit since 2016 , hopefully will be able to come again in 2019. I am so much better healthwise. The break from Morris was the right thing to do even if I did miss it . I think all those who were involved in that first weekend and had the vision for what is now an annual Cornish Tradition (according to the Daily Mail 😀 😛 ) should be really proud of what seeds grew from such a wet and windy night ❤ Long may it continue x x” Angie Latham 

“Hi there – the badges arrived on Tuesday, so thank you very much! We’ve booked our lodgings for next year – we stay at the Old Coach House up the hill, they advised us to book as they were filling their rooms already. The Gathering has become a fabulous part of our year, so thank you all for organizing it and for making it a brilliant event. This year felt even more special, yet I couldn’t explain why…I really felt a true connection and it did feel like the ending of one year and the start of a new one (if that makes any sense at all)” D.

“This years All Hallows Gathering in Boscastle, Cornwall was amazing. Each year it attracts more and more people with many already booked for next years visit.” H.

“First Gathering for my family. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.” L

“Brilliant gathering, thank you Cassandra and Laetitia and others, for all the hard work that makes this amazing event happen xx” J.

“I have had the chant going on in my head since Saturday. I love it so much and it really helps me to connect with our ancestors. Thank you so much for the magic moment at the end of the gathering.” S.

“Our first time. Great day and such a great atmosphere. ” S.

“Awesome photos, awesome folk, awesome event.” D

“Well done Cassandra and Laetitia and all the rest of you marvelous people that made this event possible. I was thrilled and awed by the all the performers via the pictures and videos. So happy I got to see Boscastle this year. Sadly I had to watch it from across the ‘pond’ but because of my visit I almost felt like I was there at times.” R

“Magical weekend, well done to everyone involved you are fantastic!” C.

“Was a fantastic event thank you!” G.

“It was an amazing day, thank you x” P.

“Thank you also for a wonderful weekend. We had a fab time. You were all so welcoming.” M. (performer)

Thank you for a wonderful day on behalf of WHV morris.” M (performer)

“Thank you for a very special weekend xx” E (performer)

“Thank you thank youthank you once again for a superb Dark Gathering, loved every minute of it and cannot wait until next year’s one. It was fanbroomintastic and I am still tingling from all the magick xxx” M

“A magical day. Thanks to Laetitia Latham Jones and Cassandra Latham Jones.” D.

Thank you all for another fantastic day!” E.

“We couldn’t have received a better welcome here in Boscastle.” A. (performer)

“We’ve had a lovely time. Been coming for years.” C.

“I just love what Laetitia and Cassandra are doing every year with this.” J

“This event is definitely on my list of MUST DO’S! It will happen but its a long way to come from NZ so will have to plan a winterish sojourn to UK and Europe!” P

“Me and my partner came for the first time on a whim this year. Now I’m hooked. Planning next year’s costume, reading up on old customs, Mari Lwyds.” C

“How the time’s flown! The event has grown so fast it’s as if it it’s been eagerly waiting to happen! In addition to all the hard work and organization that goes into it, it seems to have an organic energy of its own, as if it has a personality of sorts the way a rare few do. You’ve made something wonderful and I feel privileged just to have seen its beginnings and even more so to be involved. Thank you so much. Lots of love. Xxxxx” C

“The energy and heart you have put into this is awesome xxx” M

“Just wanted to say The Gathering was superb yet again,love this celebration and thanks to all that work so hard to make it a day we can all enjoy and celebrate our ancestors x” D

Poster- Chris White


“It’s amazing how the event’s grown and the level of professionalism has grown with it. The volunteers were marvelous. Present, but never obtrusive, their confidence and competence really showed. I could see how the marchers were comfortable taking quiet cues from the marshals (the walkies were a great idea!) and the torch bearers were really sharp. Those things must be pretty hefty but the bearers didn’t fidget or shuffle about when they had to stand in place and knew their spots as if they’d been drilled to it. The quality of the torch heads was noticeable in the stills. I did wonder who made them and it was nice the way they appeared lit and vanished just as smoothly. I’m sure the photographers loved the beautiful flames too! Mr. Fox incorporated their torch lighting and dousing into their set really well so they could do it in plain sight as part of the performance. Thanks for including their prose too! Some lovely lines there reminiscent for me of Phil Lister’s work (he of Breignton Morris and the ultimate oft-imitated dancer Green Man). Thank you so much for including Paul Sumner’s lyrics too! I caught bits in the video and meant to ask you if you had the rest   I didn’t want to pester you though until I was sure you were over the event proper   It’s beautifully written and hits all the right marks! Chills and thrills and a gorgeous title, even!” C.

“Thank you. The entire event was a triumph; from the FB groups admin, the fabulous publicity poster, the seamless way everything was organised right through to the next morning and each and everyone who was involved in performing or helping.” S.

“Wow! Just Wow!! Xxx” J.

“Thank you all for a great day and night, missing it already” J.

“Booked our accommodation way back in the year…been a long time coming…will be coming from Cheshire so quite a drive…but well worth it.” D.

“We are coming down from Exeter and South Devon. Favourite time of the year and such a great atmosphere. Will be our third year. We will probably be doing fancy dress again. Would be lovely see a few more people dressed up too.” S.

“Loved the Fire dance and horses. But staying at the Wellington loved the banter afterwards esp ‘Ugly Dave’ song as my other half is called Dave and we always say it’s his song. Hard to pick out one thing though as it’s the whole experience. Thank you so much Laetitia as know I how much you and everyone put into making it such a special weekend xx” S.

“This will be our third event  – both looking forward to it. We got married a few weeks ago so it’ll be nice to wear my dress again.” D.

“We loved the fabulous relaxed atmosphere, the fact that everyone is included if they so desire. The dark elements of the gathering but at the same time, a family space. Last year I had tears pricking when the former persecuted sisters were honoured, along with Sarah’s beautiful singing. The horses, the spectacle, the fun. All brilliant, and thank you all.” D.

“I came for the first time last year and immediately booked up to return this year with my parents. The whole experience was incredibly moving..a real double edged sword…. a time for remembrance of our dear ancestors and a time for utter joy and celebration. A truly spellbinding occasion which had tears streaming at times. Beltane are completely mesmerizing and I’m blessed to be able to return again this year. Frankly…. i cant wait!” C

“We will be coming all the way from the top of Boscastle came last year we were totally blown away by it, fantastic.” M

“Huge thank yous for yet another magical Dark Gathering on Saturday …… these gathering just get better.” L

“Just been watching a few of your films and reminiscing about last year. Sitting in the Wellington Hotel and listening to Joe sing Wings and of course Ugly Dave. Looking forward to catching up with old and new friends.” S.

“Fantastic event as always, looking forward to next year xx” C.

“Such a great day & night. Thank you so much to all the organizers & performers for such an amazing spectacle and atmosphere!! Looking forward to next year already! ” C.

“An amazing day thank you.” T.

“Myself and my friends came it was our first time and had an amazing time we hope to come back next year thank you for making it lovely and special night to remember.x” J.

Poster -Angie Latham

“I came to the Gathering last Saturday 29th and had a really enjoyable day. Thank you very much to everyone involved in putting on such a great event. I can only see it getting more and more popular!” K.

“I would like to thank everyone for today it was amazing!!! Cassandra Latham Jones it was nice meeting you today and thank you for signing my book. All your hard work and Laetitia’s the event did you both proud. Well done and thank you once again. Xxx” D.

“Just got home – what a great event. Fabulous mix of brilliant dance, beautiful singing by Sarah Emery, the honouring of our ancestors was very moving – and the horses were fabulous. We loved every minute. Big thanks to Angie Latham, Cassandra Latham Jones and everyone for organizing this, for putting on something more than just a show; it was a privilege to be there and to feel a part of something both fun and profound.Thank you all. And see you next year!!!! yay! xxx” D.

Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the Dark Gathering this year!” Simon Costin.

“This absolutely made our night! Thank you so much for a great weekend. See you next year”.J.

“First time in 2015– spent the whole afternoon/evening and was blown away! Can’t wait for this year! xx” D.

 Poster -Angie Latham -2015

“Thanks for a magical eve xxx” M.

Thank you for an awesome weekend. I absolutely loved it! Looking forward to next year. X” E.

“Well done! A fantastic gathering. Thank you for all your hard work, which culminated in an amazing celebration of Samhain….best ever.x” J.

“Thank you for a great event. See you next year/ Hwyl tan y flwyddyn nesa'” C

“We came to the Gathering in 2015 – and loved it!” M

“It was brilliant – we’re looking forward to next year!” D

“Love this, we were there in 2015 and looking forward to next year” S.

Read feedback from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Diary 

“Thanks everyone, awesomeness all round! Roll on 2016!” R

Image – John Isaac


“And a fantastic event it was ….thanks to all. Awesome!” J

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