As the popularity of the Dark Gathering has grown, so too have the logistics and costs.  It seemed a good idea to set up some funding streams that will help meet these extra expenses.  Therefore we are starting to produce some items for sale to help subsidise the Dark Gathering.  We hope that they will appeal to most folks and be affordable to many.


There are several designs to choose from and they are all 54 mm in size. Many thanks once again to our talented in-house graphic artist, Chris White. 🙂

Badge A

Badge B

Badge C

Badge D

Badge E

Badge F

Each badge will retail at £1.50 each, or £4.00 for a set of three.  If you want of full set of six badges plus a sticker that will cost you £10. (Please add £1.60 postage and packing)

Car Window Stickers

Just the one design available and they are for the inside of windows or indeed, anything transparent.

These were slightly more expensive to create but there is a reduced P&P.  Cost each:  £2.00 with P&P:  70p

A new item to add to our merchandise are masks printed with the Dark Gathering Logo.  They will retail at £10 each (P&P £1.60)

In response to popular demand – T shirts!

Unisex Heavy Cotton T Shirt in the following sizes:

Small – 35-37 inches (48.5 cm)

Medium – 38-40 inches (53.5cm)

Large – 41-43 inches (56 cm)

Extra Large – 44-46 inches (61 cm)

Women’s Valueweight V-neck T Shirt

Small – 10 (44cm)

Medium – 12 (46.5cm)

Large – 14 (49cm)

Extra Large – 16 (51.5cm)

DGMerchandise (24)The prices for the T shirts are £25.00 each (includes P&P)

Here is an example of the XXL size t shirt modelled by Shane.

Also while we were at it we decided to purchase a couple of hoodies with the Dark Gathering logos on the front and back – see photos.  They are very snug and warm, and I would recommend getting a size larger than usual.

AWDis Zoodie

Small – 36 inches (51cm)

Medium – 40 inches (56cm)

Large – 44 inches (61cm)

Extra Large – 48 inches (65cm)

Here is Steve modelling the XL size hoodie.

The price for the hoodies is £50.00 each (includes P&P).  Due to the higher cost, they have to be prepaid prior to ordering.

Many thanks to Charley and Stephen for modelling our T shirts.

We only have a limited number of 80 T shirts in this first delivery – that’s 10 shirts in each size of the Unisex style, and 10 in each size of the Ladies style.  We will sell them on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note:  The firm we have been using to produce our Dark Gathering garments have raised their costs.  Therefore the T shirts will now cost £25 (P&P included) and Hoodies £50 (P&P included).  

How to Order

Merchandise can be purchased from this website via this link: Dark Gathering Merchandise  Please include your home address when you write, together with the amount of items you want.  We will then send you a Paypal request for money.  Once sent, we will dispatch your item(s) to you.

Some merchandise can also be bought direct from the Museum of Witchcraft.

Merchandise will also be sold at the Dark Gathering by the Pedlar who will be in the crowd during the day.

All proceeds from these sales will go to the All Hallows Dark Gathering.