A Yuletide Surprise!

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.  Ever since we decided to create merchandise as a funding stream we have had countless requests for T shirts.  Up until now we haven’t had sufficient funds available to meet this requirement.  However, thanks to the popular uptake for Dark Gathering masks, we are now in a position to offer official Dark Gathering T shirts!

They are good quality Fruit of the Loom and they come in two main styles:

Unisex Heavy Cotton T Shirt in the following sizes:

Small – 35-37 inches (48.5 cm)

Medium – 38-40 inches (53.5cm)

Large – 41-43 inches (56 cm)

Extra Large – 44-46 inches (61 cm)

Women’s V-neck T Shirt

Small – 10 (44cm)

Medium – 12 (46.5cm)

Large – 14 (49cm)

Extra Large – 16 (51.5cm)

Also while we were at it we decided to purchase a couple of hoodies with the Dark Gathering logos on the front and back – see photos.  They are very snug and warm, and I would recommend getting a size larger than usual.

AWDis Zoodie

Small – 36 inches (51cm)

Medium – 40 inches (56cm)

Large – 44 inches (61cm)

Extra Large – 48 inches (65cm)

Many thanks to Charley and Stephen for modelling our T shirts.

We only have a limited number of 80 T shirts in this first delivery – that’s 10 shirts in each size of the Unisex style, and 10 in each size of the Ladies style.  We will sell them on a first come, first serve basis.

How to Order

For prices etc please go to our Merchandise page.

Dark Gathering Merchandise

So this Yuletide why not buy something special for your nearest and dearest – or treat yourself!