Latest footage by Hedj Dollman which includes some fabulous shots of the Procession, the Pwnco ceremony and the enigmatic Mr Fox.

Some excellent footage by Sheena Leversedge of Penkevyll and her Teazer calling up the Mari Lwyds to the sound of tribal drumming.

We have been very fortunate in the past that our Dark Gathering attracted the attention of a talented young man called Kieran Swederz who has videoed the event from 2015 until 2017.  Here is his archive footage:

Also here is a video by Angie Latham of the 2015 Gathering.

This drone footage is created by Dougie Latham with audio footage by Angie Latham and Paul Sumner 2016.

At last we have obtained footage of the very first meeting of the Mari Lwyds with Penkevyll in Boscastle, Cornwall.  We’ve come a long way in a very short time since then!  😀




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